Serendipity Strikes Again

Baby-sniffing has never been my thing. Then Claire was born and life was divided into BC and AC, Before Claire and After Claire. AC events are remembered with a complicated formula that goes “Claire was 8 when we visited the Dells, she was born in that must have been 199…” The decades of AC were divided into Mama, Mommy and finally Mom. And then AC, Part 2, when the most important person in your world leaves to explore the world. It happens faster than an exhausted mother of a toddler can blink!

Having a child made me a better, stronger, more resilient person. I was able to relearn who I was BC. Change can be exciting, Endings are also beginnings. You send your heart out wandering the world and “surprise!” they bring back more people to love! Suddenly there are four of you trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

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