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Civil War Soldiers

Gene Wright’s “Gallery of Civil War Soldiers” tells a hundred short stories of the Civil War. This collection is the life’s work of local history teacher/professor Mr. Gene Wright, who has hand-decorated over 150 life-size mannequins, all dressed in authentic replicas of Civil War era uniforms or clothing and each mannequin has his or her own story along with it. From a twelve-year-old drummer boy, to the Grey-beard Regiment, to the woman who served as a man, each mannequin shines a light on a special moment in history. Each mannequin has a short story in front of it, bringing it to life!

The permanent exhibit is on the third floor of the museum. The exhibit has been updated to provide a better experience. This is a must see one of a kind display that you can spend hours looking at! It is also being continuously updated so each visit will revel new changes!

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