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Our Hallmark Story

Chris and I had our first date at Tank Sushi in Chicago on December 23, 2011. We had our second date on Christmas Day. We found LOVE and have been together ever since. We often call our chance meeting as a Christmas miracle. A month later, while shopping in Lincoln Square, we saw a sign at a yogurt shop for a FREE puppy. Chris called and they were going to take the puppy to a shelter that day. We scheduled a meeting and immediately fell in LOVE with Riley. 3 months later we saw a video of Henry at Chicago PAWS shelter. Another LOVE at first sight. He was a stray that was returned twice until he found his forever home with us. NYE of 2012, we rented a cabin in Savanna. Again, we fell in LOVE and bought a weekend home. We decided to leave Chicago and make Savanna our beloved hometown in June of 2013. With Gay Marriage legalized, we had a small wedding ceremony on December 16, 2018. We’re very grateful to have LOVE around us everyday.

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