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Covid Cats

Three of my grandchildren, while zooming with me, when the COVID 19 first was rolling out, drew pictures and created a story. Their unsolicited messages to the public were so loving and caring : “We are all in this together!”” Keeping a safe distance helps others!” “Wearing a mask helps everyone stay safe!”

Title: One Day in Pandemia

Main Characters: Queen Pandie, and agents COVID Cat (CoC), COVID 1-9 (COVID 1 DASH 9) and Sema, COVID dog.

Agents CoC, COVID 1-9, and Covid Dog roamed around the town thanking people for using safe practices. Everyone seemed happy, helping each other in Pandemia.

But one day, a new resident came to the village. This “COVID-rascal” as he soon was to be known as, refused to use safety measures! The three agents reported this back to Queen Pandie, ruler of Pandemia. She declared to the agents, “Bring Rascal to me at once!”

COVID 1-9, CoC and Sema found the Rascal standing on the corner of Main and DeKalb Streets. Rascal was shouting to passersby: “It’s silly to wear a mask! It’s your right not too! Do not be afraid! Take them off and hug your friends!”

The agents could see that the people who were listening to Rascal were confused. “What? Can we? Maybe Rascal is right?!” “Yes,” screamed Rascal, “Right now!-remove them and start hugging!!” Many of the residents forgot why they were wearing a mask in the first place, and freed themselves from the protective gear.

The Queen’s agents ran up to Rascal declaring, “Come at once to Queen Pandie’s court – She has requested your presence immediately!”

Rascal, although a scoundrel at heart, followed the agents, knowing it was bad news to refuse the Queen.

Rascal stood reverently before Queen Pandie, surprising the agents. “Hmmm, maybe his heart has some unscoundrelly parts?” they thought.

Queen Pandie questioned, with authority, “Do you deny standing on the corner of Main and DeKalb, trying to convince people to throw away their masks and hug each other?”

“No, I cannot,” answered Rascal rather sheepishly.

“Safety First!” declared Queen Pandie emphatically. “Always Safety First!!” Your words confuse our people and we must work together to protect the citizenry of Pandemia.”

“However,” continued the wise Queen, “When the agents reported to me of how you speak with such passion, I thought to myself, “…Hmmm, if we could certainly use some of that passion, for the common goal…” “How about this?” the Queen asked. “Could you be willing to change your message, if we hire you to speak every day at the corner of Main and Chicago Avenue…working with us, for the good and safety of all?!” “What say you, Rascal?”

“Yes, I will!” declared Rascal, startling CoC, Covid 1-9, and Sema, who were wondering to themselves, “Can someone really ‘change their stripes’, so quickly?” But the trust they had in Queen Pandie’s wisdom was stronger than their own doubts.

Queen Pandie continued, “Good deal!!” “Today you will join my loyal agents, enforcing safety” “I declare you are now named Covid Agent E!” “We have needed someone like you to release safety Equipment, beginning with our oldest citizens.” “Will you accept this important mission?”

Again, Rascal, aka, Covid Agent E replied, “Yes, Mam!! When can I start?”

“Hmmm,” questioned the Agents to themselves. “Perhaps Rascal just needed to feel important…”

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