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 With performances by:

Chicago singer/songer writer NAOMI ASHLEY accompanied by Jon Williams.


Local musicians of the LONESOME FRET --Bill Sparboe (Mandolin & Vocals), John Briscoe (Guitar & Vocals) & Guy Bazilewich (Bass & Vocals) 

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Ever since Larson was introduced to the guitar and Woodstock-era rockers by his father in the 90’s, music has been his obsession. He took a variety of music courses at the University of Iowa and founded a number of bands in the Iowa City music scene. Spanning progressive rock to heavy metal, Larson has had his hand in blues, classic rock and original works. 

In Savanna he expects to find a home playing the music he grew up with, Pink Floyd, CCR, The Who and more, while writing new, original music that fits the moody, tranquil, rural landscape of his new environment. All this, while touring with the local heavy metal group, Twin Wizard.

Larson is accompanied by bassist, singer and wife, Claire, and drummer, Tanner. 

Currently unnamed, their group has performed together in Iowa City as the heavy rock group, Dead Emperors. They are glad to share the chemistry of live music and their love of the groove and vocal harmonies. 

In the current configuration you will find something familiar, but unique as they perform the classics. 

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